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Author to explore post-war Jewish America

Edward Hershey will speak about “Post-War Jewish-America: Hiding in Plain Sight” at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center Oct. 19. The 6 pm talk is based on his memoir, The Scorekeeper. He will reflect on the lofty aspiration and sobering reality of Jewish-American life in the 1950s and ’60s New York neighborhood. The program is designed…


The Power of Women

Each October Oregon Jewish Life focuses on women. This year our “All About Women” special section features profiles of remarkable women using their skills and passions to change their world. From Ovarian Cancer Superhero Phyllis Lang to Principal of the Year Deanne Froehlich, women are making a difference. This section also features useful information on…


The Ten Commandments of Dating

Many people have heard of and benefited from Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s “Ten Commandments of Marriage.” Rabbi Miller’s commandments focused on loyalty to one’s spouse and making every effort to avoid cycles of hurt and resentment. Dating, however is a different story. After all, why be loyal to someone who you may not marry? Isn’t it…


Burn baby burn – the fat!

Forget that “fat-burning” setting on the treadmill. According to a new study published in Obesity, strength training is better at helping people lose belly fat compared with cardio. While aerobic exercise burns both fat and muscle, weight lifting burns almost exclusively fat. And don’t worry about turning into a bulky, bodybuilding champion if you start…


Manage that Mitzvah

The key to any successful event is planning and organization and this is particularly the case for a bar/bat mitzvah. Having a schedule to assist with this planning can help keep your simcha on time, within budget and avoid forgetting any important steps. Use the following timetable as a guide, adjusting and adding other items…

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