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Resource Guide 2016-2017: Agencies and Organizations Listing

Jewish Organizations GRAPEVINE PORTLAND Portland, OR 202-524-1532 ext.15 202-524-1532 ext. 15 HADASSAH, PACIFIC NORTHWEST REGION Peg Elefant, President pelefant@hadassah.org hadassah.org/pnw Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. It enhances the health of people worldwide…


Resource Guide 2016-2017: Lifecycles Listing

Jewish life revolves around the cycle of life. In the Jewish tradition, lifecycle moments from birth to death carry specific rituals, most of which have been used for centuries. These moments truly center us. Following are the resources that will help you celebrate and mark each stage of life. Mohels A mohel is the person…


Resource Guide 2016-2017: Education Profiles

MAIMONIDES JEWISH DAY SCHOOL 6612 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, OR maimonidesjds.org • 503-977-7850 Maimonides Jewish Day School provides the highest quality general and Judiac studies programs to educate the diverse community of Jewish children in the Portland area from kindergarten through eighth grade. “We synthesize traditional Jewish learning with progressive education theory and create an…


Resource Guide 2016-2017: Seniors Listing

ELDER CARE ADULT DAY SERVICES AT CEDAR SINAI PARK Nancy Heckler, Director 6125 SW Boundary St. Portland, OR 503-535-4403 nancy.heckler@cedarsinaipark.org cedarsinaipark.org This social model program provides socialization, support services and recreation in a secure, supervised setting. Group activities are adjusted to the needs, abilities, and interests of participants to encourage self-esteem and feelings of success….


Resource Guide 2016-2017: Food Listing

From farmers’ markets to restaurants, Portland has become a culinary destination. The state’s kosher options have expanded too. The rules regarding what foods are proper to eat originate in the Bible. The Israelites were given a long list of forbidden foods, including animals that didn’t both chew their cud and have split hooves, rodents, birds…

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