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A Literary LEGACY

Roseburg artist Marjorie Feldman flew home to Hartford, CT, to visit her parents and to attend the annual presentation of the Edward Lewis Wallant Award. For more  than 50 years, the award has honored the memory of the author of The Pawnbroker and other works by selecting a promising Jewish writer as its recipient. An…


This Is My Earth

Israeli scientist on sabbatical in Portland seeks U.N. investment in his plan to preserve biologically critical “hotspots” Israeli zoologist Uri Shanas, Ph.D., is planning to save Earth’s threatened species by giving everyone – everyone – a chance to help. This isn’t just for contributors with financial means, explains Dr. Shanas, or Uri, as he prefers….


J Street VP Reflects on Israel Elections

J Street Vice President of Communications Alan Elsner was in Portland May 4 to speak on “Elections, Negotiations and Iran: What’s Next for Israel?” In a phone interview prior to his visit, Elsner said he expected the new government to be sworn in while he was in town, but negotiations lingered until May 14 (see…


Occasional Moments of Joy

Living in Israel gives you plenty to complain about. If we’re not scolding ourselves, plenty of other countries are ready and eager to do so. And then there’s the socioeconomic gap, the aggression and rudeness, the hot-tempered egos versus the arrogant snobs. Don’t get me started! But every so often, not too frequently but definitely…


Chef’s Corner: Delicious Burger Alternatives

I am obsessed with a great burger. The classic hamburger remains a standard and beloved menu item served everywhere from backyard barbeques to some of the country’s finest restaurants. Deceptively simple ingredients including the patty (medium rare please…), lettuce, pickle, sauce, and maybe a thick slice of ripe tomato and sweet onion are sandwiched on…


Pizza Fills Niche in Foodie Enclave

Photos by Claire Cushing Baby Doll Pizza owner Travis Miranda was given an important piece of advice by his late Grandpa Irv: “If you want to make a buck, kid, do pizza in Oregon.” So, after moving to Portland from New York (with a stop in Eugene), he opened a pizzeria in the burgeoning foodie…


Hot fun in the Summertime

Photos courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are back again. The days are long and the kids are home, so it must be time for some Oregon summer fun! Here are 10 family friendly destinations that won’t break the bank. Grant Park: NE 33rd Ave. and U.S. Grant…


Coastal Fun

All 362 miles of Oregon’s coast make up one of the most remarkable public recreation settings in the United States. Since the Oregon State Park system manages the Ocean Shore State Recreation Area, the entire coastline from the Oregon/California border north to the Columbia River is open to the public and waiting for you to…


Eugene Scene: Free Shakespeare in the Park

William Shakespeare lived in a time when Jewish people in England were still very much outsiders. Works like “The Merchant of Venice” reflect that, yet Shylock’s famous “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” speech demonstrates the complexity of The Bard’s sensitivity to the Jewish situation. What’s never been in dispute is Shakespeare’s genius…

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