A Very Veggie Valentine

Are you seeking a romantic restaurant for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous? Then whet your appetite with one of Portland’s high-end vegetarian tasting menus. Two of the following restaurants (Farm Spirit and Natural Selection) maintain entirely vegetarian kitchens, so there is no opportunity for meat and milk to mix. Aviary This celebrated Asian fusion restaurant, which…


Teens Seek Recipes for Pesach Cookbook

Portland teens are seeking recipes to create a local Passover cookbook. “The project was created to allow the senior ambassadors for NCSY  to have a project to work on that both fosters Jewish culture and allows us to be involved in our Jewish community, says Hannah Rosenbloom, on of the board of seniors who want…


Young Athletes need this App

Ever since the 2010 Sports Illustrated cover story on concussions in the NFL, the subsequent suicides of Junior Seau, famed Pro Bowl linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, and other high profile players, the world has taken a serious look at the dangers of concussions, CTE and other sport-related brain injuries. Junior Seau’s autopsy revealed…


And Heeeere’s … Danny!

Dan Ross was in the trucking business in New York City in the early 1950s and, while it paid the bills, he didn’t enjoy it at all. Married, with a 3-year-old daughter, he was contemplating his options one day while riding the subway. What should he do? What did his future hold? Then he looked…


Turning Emotion into Sound

By Jenn Director Knudsen Sharon Fendrich is like so many moms: She, too, sings to herself while idling in the school pickup line. But unlike most moms, Fendrich – a professional musician and vocalist – is truly inspired. She uses her precious few moments before welcoming her two children into her minivan to record a…


Dare I Call You Cousin

Exhibit compassionately explores struggles of Israelis and Palestinians In 2010, award-winning poet and activist Frances Payne Adler became alarmed by news reports of Israeli settlers in the West Bank throwing stones not only at their Palestinian neighbors, but also at IDF soldiers, whose job it was to safeguard the Palestinians. “I have been concerned about…


Their Chuppah is Forever

Every time Cantor Barbara Slader helps a couple plan their wedding, it brings back the joy of her own. Those memories of her 1991 wedding include family, flowers and the centerpiece, a chuppah created by Barbara’s friend, artist Jane Levy Campbell. In fact, handmade chuppahs have become a tradition and ritual for many Portland couples….

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