Jewish Mothers, Way Back When: A Visual Midrash

Photos  by Judith Pavlik. Torah offers enough about the patriarchs that we can surmise Esau needed a better razor than Jacob, and Abraham was hospitable. But Torah is less forthcoming about the matriarchs. From Sophie Portnoy to Helen Seinfeld, strong, vibrant Jewish mothers have long made their mark on us. Were our imahot, our matriarchs,…


Eugene Scene: Jordan Schnitzer & Art

Earlier this year, Jewish philanthropist Jordan Schnitzer opened another exhibition of works from his collection at his namesake Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. A UO alumnus, he started contributing art to that institution as soon as he graduated. The Portland native recently sat down with OJL to…


Artists Create Windows with Meaning

When two art collectors asked glass artist Steve Klein if he would be interested in creating the windows for their California congregation as it rebuilt its fire-damaged sanctuary, he realized two things. First, he didn’t want to just make windows, he wanted to create “something special that would have meaning to the building and to…


Israel’s Spring is Full of Surprises

There were three big surprises over the last month. Not necessarily in this order, the first was the almost weeklong storm and cold spell in mid-April, only the third such occurrence since records have been kept. Some Shalom Aleichem-inspired web pranksters launched a convincing story claiming the Chief Rabbinate had miscalculated the Jewish calendar, and…


Trial by Fire: Lag B’Omer

As soon as the Purim holiday ends, Israeli children start preparing for their next big day. It’s a different sort of holiday, one that “fires” their imaginations for weeks. Of course, we’re not talking about Passover here. What kid is going to get all excited by holiday preparations that chiefly call for the cleaning of…


Coop’s Cookies: Delivered to Your Door

Several delivery options exist for the sleep-deprived, housebound new mom in Portland. Instacart delivers groceries, Farm to Fit brings prepared meals with assorted calorie counts and Local Farmers Delivery offers twice-weekly milk, bread and coffee. But until recently, there was no way to order up an assortment of giant, fresh-baked cookies. Since November 2014 Jessica…


Vive la Lazarus!

When envisioning a Citroen, the French car that has rolled out of the Parisian factory since 1919, what might come to mind is an otherworldly, avant-garde vehicle popular in films. Retired psychologist and Southwest Portland resident Robert Weisman has owned two of these exotic Parisians and maintains a Citroen Club membership. So he knows, for…


Israel for the Active 55+ Set

Far from being a “new” cliché, those of us over 55 are not living the same way our parents and grandparents did in their senior years. Many of us are far more physically fit and active. With that in mind Stacy Wasserman decided to create L’Dor V’Dor (From Generation to Generation), a nonprofit organization created…

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